Keeping the products sustainable and fairly produced are our founding principles to ensure long-lasting products

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Fabric sourcing is a crucial part in ensuring product traceability. After years of experience working in the textile business, we built a network of suppliers that we use for the production of each item

Cotton is a natural fiber taken from the boll of the cotton plant. It is grown using eco-friendly techniques such as crop rotation, zero toxic pesticides and synthetic chemicals and no genetically modified seeds. Cotton we produce with has either GOTS or Oeko-Tex certifications to proof organic credentials

Wool comes from the thick winter coat of sheep, which are shorn in the warmer months. All the wool we use must be sourced from producers with good animal welfare and traceability practices. We only use 100% mulesing-free wool

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is usually derived from petroleum. Our policy is to use only GRS certified recycled polyester. It is made from recycled PET bottles or textile waste. Its production needs less energy, less CO2 emissions and less water than virgin polyester


We have an extensive network of production partners in Europe counting with years of experience creating sustainable and fashionable products with the
highest quality standards. That way, we make sure to deliver designs and products that usual merch companies cannot offer

Kaunas, Lithuania
Family-owned garment manufacturer with extensive know-how on the production of different products, from dresses, workwear, uniforms and swimwear. They can produce any product we design
Last Visited: 2023
Year Founded: 2013
Prato, Italy
Wool manufacturer providing high-quality wool and cashmere fabric options and advanced knitting and manufacturing techniques, with a focus on accessories
Last Visited: 2022
Year Founded: 1987
Avidos, Portugal
Jersey manufacturer producing for reputable premium and luxury fashion brands and sourcing only local fabrics to support the “made in Portugal” label
Last Visited: 2020
Year Founded: 1954

Each product comes with verification cards

For us, traceability of each item is key. We want to inform our customers on who made their clothes, how they were made and where do they come from. That is why we include an authentication card on each product we produce. This card shares information about the origins of the materials, the manufacturing country, and how it arrived in the customer's hands